TIFFANY & CO – Is it Fake Or Genuine ?

TIFFANY & CO – Is it Fake Or Genuine ?


Here’s something to contemplate, all you Tiffany jewellery lovers out there…

I have just listed this beautiful Tiffany & Co necklace in my Etsy shop – as shown in this pic above – but before I listed it, I decided to see whether I could check up on its authenticity. What I discovered was extremely interesting…

First off, let me tell you about how I came by this pretty thing !! I did my usual search for hidden treasure on E-Bay one week – this is my weekly search for ‘Vintage jewellery Mixed Lot’ (UK only). Amongst other things up popped a rather interesting mixed lot which apparently had come from an estate auction, and so I duly put my bid in. I had looked it over, saw a few things I liked, including this necklace which looked like it might be silver perhaps (The name Tiffany didn’t cross my mind!!)

Well, I won the auction and received the package in the mail a few days later. When I went through it, I nearly fell of my office swivel chair !! The silvery-looking chain was stamped ‘Tiffany & Co’ and also had a script signature which I couldn’t read, a copyright symbol and a stamp for 925. Woohoo…a Tiffany necklace – what a RESULT !!

However, you can sense a ‘but’ coming, can’t you…I duly did all the relevant research, and found out it was an Elsa Peretti Bean design necklace, which is a really famous range designed for the Tiffany brand back in the late 70s, which has been in production ever since. However, I also found out that it was very likely a really convincing fake !!

So here are the photos and the text for my Etsy Vintage Jewellery Fun !! shop listing which went up this morning – if you have a Tiffany piece which you have bought anywhere on the second-hand/vintage market, almost everything you need to know is in here:-

TIFFANY & CO-Style Bean Necklace, Signed Elsa Peretti – Authenticated Fake !!


This is a gorgeous silver-plated necklace of pretty bean-shaped links, with the last link bearing the iconic brand logo for Tiffany & Co and underneath, the famous Elsa Peretti signature along with a 925 stamp to indicate solid sterling silver. Her Bean design is an iconic design that has been running since she started designing for the Tiffany & Co back in 1979.
This really is a beautiful necklace and, because it’s a simple silver chain-like design, it will look lovely with pretty much anything, from T-shirt & jeans to that elegant designer evening dress.


***Here’s the thing – this has all the appearance of a beautiful vintage piece of Tiffany, and I was very excited to find it amongst a mixed lot of jewellery that came up in an estate auction.

However, I was actually much MORE interested to discover that there are quite a few pointers to indicate that this is an extremely convincing copy:-

1. The brand logo is pale compared to the silver of the bean surface – a real sterling piece would have a dark logo where the incised name has tarnished.

2. The lobster clasp has a slightly rough texture when viewed under the jeweller’s loupe, and furthermore it doesn’t bear the 925 stamp to indicate sterling silver. Tiffany pieces always do.

3. The beans are flat on the underside and just slightly too pointy at the corners, compared to the real thing on the Tiffany website. (A discrepancy in the design is often the first thing which indicates that it may not be real.)

4. The linking rings are slightly different from the real thing – their direction alternates to link to the next one, whereas the real thing has jump rings in between each link.

5. The ‘L’ in the Elsa Peretti signature forms a continuous loop, whereas the real signature has a tiny break in the upsweep of the letter – this is definitely something you can only see through a jeweller’s loupe.

6. Lastly – and here’s the clincher – it’s MAGNETIC !!
Real solid sterling (stamped 925) silver is not and never has been magnetic, so this indicates that this is just silver-plated, having a core of steel or something similar.

The reason that I was interested to discover these pointers was that I have now learned how to spot a fake Tiffany piece, something that the Internet (especially E-bay and very likely Etsy too) frankly, is awash with !! The article that I read to learn all this is here:-

How to Spot Fake Tiffany Jewellery

Such a shame – this could have been worth around £300 on the vintage market – however, my loss is your gain, because if you really like the famous Bean design by Elsa Peretti, this one looks like the real thing to anyone seeing you wear it, but it’s going to cost you a mere fraction of the price of an authentic piece. !! And that’s a good thing….

TIFFANY & CO Bean Necklace – £75



So I do hope this article is of some help to you if you have just bought or are thinking of buying a second-hand Tiffany & Co piece – real items are out there, but it seems that there are more fakes than anything else – you could lose so much money if you are not aware of these vital signs.

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